Relative vorticity on the sphere simulated with SpeedyWeather.jl using spherical harmonics. T682, 2048x1024 grid points (~20km horizontal resolution).

Kelvin-wave induced equatorial current that gets unstable. 3200x800 grid points at a resolution of 2.5km. Tracer is only injected on the western boundary.

Comparing 16 to 64-bit float arithmetic in ShallowWaters.jl at 3000x1500 grid points on Fujitsu’s A64FX microprocessor. The 16-bit model was scaled to minimize under and overflows and a compensated time integration to reduce rounding errors.

Solid particle advection from IndividualDisplacements.jl compared to the tracer advection of ShallowWaters.jl.

An MPI-parallelized non-linear 1D shallow water model.

Using 16-bit posit arithmetic to simulate turbulence in a channel simulation at 10km resolution. The entire model is run with 16-bit posit arithmetic.

A linear equatorial adjustment on β-plane with sudden westerly wind. The Rossby wave front propagates changes in wind forcing across the basin and leaves the adjusted balanced state behind.

Turbulence topography in a channel simulation. Sea surface height is indicated with colour, zonal velocity with brightness (hill-shading).

Brownian motion-based particle mixing with gravity.

Brownian motion with a seed particle that freezes particle such that a ice crystal-like formation grows.