Climate modelling between bits and bytes

Hello there 👋. I’m Milan.

I’m a climate scientist working at the University of Oxford where I recently completed a PhD🎓 in climate computing. Before I even started my PhD, I had a very comprehensive education in climate physics from different universities in Germany🇩🇪, France🇫🇷, and Norway🇳🇴. During that time, I crossed the Tropical Atlantic🌊 on an oceanographic research vessel 🚢 and spent a winter in Svalbard🐻‍❄️ studying meteorology in the Arctic with weather stations. The combination of fieldwork with the theoretical and computational work of my research has allowed me to see the bigger picture and to better understand the climate system as a whole.

In recent years, I have established a research profile beyond my PhD topic. As a climate scientist, I feel responsible to voice urgency and hope on the climate catastrophe 🔥🌍, both through media and in teaching. While my main research develops computationally efficient climate models🖥️, I see great potential in interdisciplinary work to tackle other urgent problems to sustain the health of our planet. 💚🌍